Following the motto: “Together we are stronger!” the group idea is cultivated and the feeling of togetherness is encouraged.

The EHLEBRACHT Group puts people first.

  • The employees determine the success of the Group with their attitude and qualifications.
  • A targeted personnel policy ensures that employees are constantly trained and supported.
  • The Group promotes the professional development of its employees.


The EHLEBRACHT Group works in a customer-oriented manner.

  • The concept of providing service is the focus of our activities. We maintain a cooperative relationship with our customers.
  • The range of products and services is oriented towards customer benefit.


The EHLEBRACHT Group stands for quality.

  • Quality management ensures that the promises given to customers and the agreements concluded with customers are kept.
  • The Group reacts in good time to important changes.


The EHLEBRACHT Group is operated strategically.

  • The Group works with rolling horizons in terms of operational and strategic planning.
  • The targets of the subsidiaries are derived from this. Reaching these targets is the guiding principle for all companies.


The EHLEBRACHT Group works in a performance-oriented manner.

  • The Group concentrates on strengthening its divisions.
  • In its markets, the Group meets the requirements with innovative products, customer-oriented developments, an attractive price/performance ratio, an excellent delivery service and a high level of quality awareness.


The EHLEBRACHT Group is innovative.

  • The Group is always ready to take on new market challenges.
  • Existing strengths are continuously expanded and new resources are created.
  • The principles of cost-effectiveness also apply to innovations.


The EHLEBRACHT Group is internationally oriented.

  • The future belongs to the international markets. The Group is shaping this future by aligning its corporate activities to the various sales- and procurement markets.
  • The Group prepares its consolidated financial statements in accordance with recognized international accounting principles.


The EHLEBRACHT Group shows consideration for the environment.

The production processes are designed not to pollute the environment, so that environmental compatibility is given appropriate priority in the development of products.